Showing Off Some Summer Stripes with Jane Hudson

Showing Off Some Summer Stripes with Jane Hudson

styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-01DRESS: Jane Hudson | SNEAKERS: Adidas | HEADPHONES: Efitz Bluetooth | SUNNIES: Old (similar)

How I Plan on Spending My Summer

For most people, summer is a time for vacationing, relaxing and enjoying yourself. For me, summer is about working hard! During the school semester, I don’t have as much time to dedicate to the blog and to other things that I want to do. I always see projects on Pinterest that I want to try out, but I never have time to do them. I get dozens of emails a day from companies that I wish I had the time to work with. Truthfully, blogging is no easy task. You’d be surprised to know how much hard work goes into a single blog post. To all of the girls that are full-time bloggers—y’all are amazing. I don’t know how you do it, but I sure do appreciate each and every one of you!styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-02styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-03styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-04styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-05styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-06styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-08styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-09styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-dress-adidas-superstar-efitz-bluetooth-headphones-apple-macbook-gold-burberry-blogger-10

So I Have These New Bluetooth Headphones…

Let me tell you—they are amazing! When I first got my iPhone 7, I was so mad that I couldn’t charge my phone and use my headphones at the same time. I didn’t realize how often I’d used my headphones while charging my phone until I couldn’t do it anymore! I knew that one day I would eventually get some bluetooth headphones, but now I have them and they have made my life SO MUCH EASIER. My sister and I were Facetiming yesterday and I walked away from my phone and started talking louder as if she couldn’t hear me and she told me to stop talking so loud! I didn’t realize that I could Facetime her and multitask at the same time. It was awesome! I highly recommend these Efitz bluetooth headphones. The quality of sound is phenomenal and the fit is perfect. Also, they are water resistant, hands-free and have a battery life of 10 hours!!! You could easily use them for a few days before recharging. Go check them out!

2017 is the Summer of Stripes

The dress I have on is from Jane Hudson. I first heard of Jane Judson from my sister and I am SO glad that I have a dress of my own now. This dress is extremely comfortable and it fits so well. It hugs my every curve without being too tight. The stripes are also super flattering! I know that in the past people used to think that stripes make you look bigger, but I actually like the way they look on this dress. This dress is a must-have for the summer because it’s perfect for an everyday, casual look. Plus, did I already mention how comfortable it is? It feels like cotton pajamas. I would definitely sleep in it. On a comfort and style scale, I give it a 12/10! I’ll be wearing these stripes all summer long!


I finished off my spring semester with an A and a B. Pretty good overall, but I still have a lot of work to do this summer. I want to get my blog going and, unfortunately me and Ryan are going to have to move again—bummer. We are still on the hunt for a place to live, but I’m sure the right place will come along. It’s all in His time and His plan. I hope you all had a Sunday Funday—we sure did!



  1. May 2, 2017 / 1:49 pm

    Where do you find cute places to shoot around central Florida//Gainesville//Ocala? Love the simplicity of this outfit. Super easy to throw on and to run out the door for the day!

    • May 2, 2017 / 3:32 pm

      Hi Katie! I mainly just keep my eyes peeled when I’m driving around running errands and stuff. Whenever I see a place that looks pretty, I write it down in my notes app to remind myself!! Thank you!!! It’s a great dress!