If it’s Cold in Florida, You Brunch Outside!

If it’s Cold in Florida, You Brunch Outside!

styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-20TOP: Urban Outfitters, Old (similarsimilar) | DENIM: Hudson | BOOTIES: Chinese Laundry | WATCH: Michael Kors (gah) | NECKLACE: Bauble Bar | SUNNIES: Tory Burch, Old (similarsimilar)

A Cool Day in Florida Calls for an Outdoor Brunch

Today was a surprisingly wonderful day. The weather was cool, my hair wasn’t being ridiculous and I didn’t have a mental breakdown! I call that a win! Lol, but really, any day with a friend is a good day to me. I actually planned on wearing something totally different today, but when Kelci came over, we just switched outfits. She’s wearing my dress and sunglasses and I’m wearing her jeans and sunglasses. We do this almost all the time. I think it’s because we get tired of our own clothes, so we just wear each others…could this be called having a friend with benefits? Same size benefits? Lol! Anyway, we stopped by the local Pub (Publix) and got some meats and cheeses to make our own charcuterie plate. It was delicious and we ate it all! styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-21 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-23 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-24styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-26 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-29 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-30 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-31styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-02 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-07 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-17 styelled-blog-elle-elisabeth-florida-blogger-fashion-style-ootd-urban-outfitters-chinese-laundry-skinny-jeans-hudson-denim-tory-burch-lace-up-fblogger-19

Accidental Coordination? Sorta.

She and I somehow always match. We don’t mean to, we just have the same style. It’s funny actually. I felt like my outfit was pretty basic—white top, denim and booties. Together though, we joked around and thought we looked like we could be advertising for a Florida home cooking magazine, or something like that. We just couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves!

Remember When I Said I was Going to Blog More!?

Well, here I am—back at it again with my 6th day in a row, blogging! I swear, something about the new year makes me motivated and feel so much more ambitious. It’s like I know that I’m going to keep myself more grounded and on top of things. I already got a new planner and I’ve been staying on task every single day. We will see how long it lasts…but I’m going to try and make it last all year!
P.S. Thanks for letting me use your house Cindy, love you—and the girls!