This Year’s Beach Style Must Haves


Top // Shorts // Sandals // Sunnies // Bag
It’s that time of the year! Hopefully I’ll have some spare time to make it to the beach this summer, even if it’s just for the day. (Perks of living in Florida) Just because I haven’t made it there yet doesn’t mean I can’t wear beachy clothes! This classic Bella Dahl tank is lightweight and extremely soft, so it’s perfect for daily wear. Not to mention, Bella Dahl is known for their quality clothing. This top isn’t just to wear at the beach though — because it’s a plain white tank, you can wear it with jeans and wedges or even tuck it in a cute skater skirt. It’s so versatile. Even if you live in New York, you can wear it with your favorite black skinnies and sneakers or flats. That’s the greatness of versatility.

Here’s What I Wore

The tank and shorts I have on and the super cute beach bag are all available at Her Kloset if you live in town! If you don’t live in town and you really love something that I have on, you can call the store and we can direct ship it to you! Happy Friday everyone!
P.S. I’ll be 22 on Monday. Yikes!!!


This Year’s Beach Must Haves

  1. A Cute Beach Towel – The Beach People make the cutest round towels, so if you aren’t up with the trends, check out their website. They come in many different, but fun tribal designs. I love them! Also in the ranking are these cute towels made my Furbish Studio. I think they are technically bath towels, but I would use them on the beach. Why not? Also, I can’t forget about Target. They always have cute stuff! I used to only shop there for certain things, but I’ve realized that they have great stuff lately! I usually bee-line it to their home decor section, but I have been noticing some cute stuff in their summer section, so be sure to check that out. Btw, yes I actually found a donut beach towel. I had no idea it existed, but now that I do — I think I need it. Also, if you have a child, PLEASE buy them this towel because I think it’s hilarious. If you do, send me a picture. God bless my future children and all of the ridiculous things I make them wear.

  2.  Fun Beach Bag! – The one I’m using is from Macbeth Collection, but there are so many more that you can find. As I mentioned before, Target always has great options. I found some great ones online, and I added them in this shopping widget below. I love all of the straw bags with pom-poms. They are so in right now and I’m glad they are because they are so darn cute. Also, not all of them are over $100. You can find some online for a cheaper price and they will still be just as cute. If I’m ever looking for something cute, but still reasonable — I check Modcloth or Francescas. You’d be surprised with the many options they have.

  3. Summer Sandals – Unfortunately, Tory Burch doesn’t make my exact sandals in that color anymore, so I linked the closest ones I could find. I think mine were limited edition last year, but do not be discouraged because she makes them in plenty of other fun colors! I think the patent tan ones are so cute because they will go with anything. I also have the black ones because I think you need sandals in three colors — white, tan and black. You never know which ones will go best with your outfit! I also want to mention how fun these sandals are! I’ve been wanting them for a really long time, but Ryan thinks they’re ugly. I don’t expect him to like every style choice I make, but at least he sometimes pretends to be supportive!

  4. Sunnies! – Okay — there are SO many options out there for cute sunglasses. The Nordstrom B.P. brand has the coolest sunglasses and the best part is, they are all $12! How great is that!? You can also find super fun sunglasses at Forever 21 that are really reasonably priced. But, if you’re really wanting to splurge, the Dior “so real” sunglasses are the ones to buy. They’ve probably been on my wish list for about 45 years now. Also, if you’re looking for good quality, but still reasonably priced, Quay makes great sunglasses, which can be found on Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom(I’m sure they are sold from other retailers, but I just always check those two.)

  5. Swimwear – Modcloth is probably one of my favorite places to shop for swimwear because everything they have is so unique. They have one-pieces, two-pieces and vintage swimwear. They also have FANTASTIC pool floats and accessories. You have to check out their website! I’ve added two shopping widgets below — one has swimwear and the other has pool accessories (all items from Modcloth)