Mother’s Day: What to Get for Your mom

Mother’s Day: What to Get for Your mom
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1. Volcano Candle //  I can’t even explain how great of a gift this would be. I am obsessed with volcano candles. They smell fantastic, and I can honestly say — I’ve never found a candle that smells better. They can be found at Anthropologie, or if you’re in town, they are available at Ocala Traditions.
2. Bliss Lotion // Bliss lotion is the most amazing lotion in the world — according to me. Luckily, my sister works at Ideal Image, so I get bliss for free. But, I am obsessed with it because it goes on smooth, smells good for hours and the smallest squeeze of the bottle goes a long way.

3. Essie Nail Polish // Essie is my favorite for one of two reasons. One — because it’s white based, so you never have to worry about painting a million coats to get the color you want. Two — because they have so many different colors to choose from.4. Sandals // My mom absolutely loves Jack Rogers. She wears her sandals everywhere. She has the platinum color and the cork ones, and she is always wanting more. I have the gold color and I love mine. I don’t wear mine as often because I usually wear heels, but they are really cute — especially to wear at the beach.

5. Sunglasses // What mom doesn’t love a new pair of sunnies!? If you want to get your mom a pair of sunglasses, consider colors she wears…like jewelry. Does she wear more gold or silver? This will help you decide which color hardware to go with before you purchase. Here are some fun, cheaper styles that I found: One | Two | Three | Four | Five

6. Necklace // Nordstrom never fails to please. They carry this brand, Dogeared that always has sweet little sayings that come with their necklaces and bracelets. It’s a more thoughtful gift, but some moms love it!

Lastly, I think a great idea would be to get a cute little beach bag from Target and fill it with a towel, lotion, candle, nail polish, sunnies, sandals, magazines and some good ole’ SPF. I know my mom would love that. 



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