Shopbop Sale Essentials 2018

 elle-elisabeth-fashion-style-lifestyle-blogger-like-to-know-it-shop-with-me-shopbop-saleAll Hail the Shopbop Sale!

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded, and I’m choosing to get over it. Sure, I always say that I’ll upload more often and I promise I’ll try, but this time I’m not going to promise you, but I’ve made it a personal goal for myself, so I can tell you that much.

Anyway, here I am with my grand comeback for the annual Shopbop sale. Why? Because I love a good sister sale. I did my best to not include million dollar items because your girl is a peasant over here, not a rich, prestigious woman. (Maybe one day? Prob not.)
USE CODE: STOCKUP18 at checkout for 20-25% off your entire order!

Some Things to Note

While I was shopping the sale, I noticed that there were a lot of items from English Factory and Rails that were great deals! Honestly, English Factory is one of the most underrated brands of our time. I included a lot of their tops and other items in my pick list. Mostly everything of theirs is listed at under $100, which is music to my ears! I also included a lot of Madewell because I love everything of theirs and I also own one of their bags and they truly are made well. I’m obsessed with my bag and I’ll probably invest in another one soon.

Some Essentials I Liked

If any of you find something that you LOVE that I didn’t cover, please link it in the comments below. I’m pretty sure I looked through everything, but I’m sure there’s some awesome stuff that I missed out on. Anyway, happy Wednesday everyone!

Shoes, Accessories and Pajamas

Pretty Much Everything I Picked