Wavy, Natural Curls with Kenra Grip Trio Collection

Wavy, Natural Curls with Kenra Grip Trio Collection

styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-01Top: OLD NAVY | Skirt: TOPSHOP, old (similar) | Hairspray: KENRA | Mousse: KENRA | Texture Spray: KENRA

Okay, So Life has Been CRAZY Lately

First of all, I got a new job. I am now the Creative Director of Ocala Magazine, the most award-winning magazine in Florida! It’s so cool and so fulfilling to have a job that I absolutely love! It’s not always easy because I’m juggling a full-time job, college, taking care of Winston, keeping up with cleaning and all of my other daily responsibilities. I never thought adulting would come easy, but I also didn’t expect to be thrown into the fire with the wolves! Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about my job, but the first month was ROUGH, which is why I’m just getting back into my groove of blogging. Thanks to the new Kenra Grip Trio Collection, my hair is still looking healthy without spending hours styling it!styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-02styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-04styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-08 styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-07 styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-06 styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-03

Short Synopsis of My First Month on the Job

I started working the second week of June. I had no idea how the magazine operated—as a team or as individuals. The previous graphic designer had a certain way of saving and exporting files, and I had to track down his files in order to figure out his algorithm so that I could design the July issue of the magazine. It took a long time to figure all of this out—at least a week and a half. If you take out the first week of June and the time I spent training myself, I ended up having about ten days to produce an entire magazine that’s usually produced in a month. Not to mention it was a special, annual issue. It was a lot of pressure, but I survived and conquered! I have big plans for the magazine! If you want to check out my first issue, click here!

Now, How I Style My Hair with Kenra

When I have extra time in the mornings before work, I love to curl my hair! When I curl my hair, my curls last long and they fall into a natural wave. With Kenra’s new Grip Trio Collection, haircare has never been easier. After I shower, I towel dry my hair and put a little mousse in my hands and massage it through my hair. Then, I let it air dry. After my hair dries, I gently spray the dry texture wax prior to styling my hair in order to give it a bit more oomph. After my hair is curled, I generously spray it with the strong hold hairspray and I’m out the door! The hairspray feels so light that my hair looks as if I didn’t put any product in it! I can run my fingers through my hair naturally and it smells SO good. I highly recommend trying out Kenra’s new Grip Trio Collection if you haven’t already! I’m obsessed!

Everyone, I’ll try my best to stay on top of things with my blog. It’s not easy. I design a magazine every single month now, cover to cover. BUT, I’m not going to let that stop me from pursuing my passion for my blog and what I love to do! If I can do it, so can you!
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