Bella Dahl is Going Colorful this Summer

Styelled-Blog-Elle-Elisabeth-Bella-Dahl-Summer-Tank-Tank-Top-Ray-Ban-Aviators-Light-Wash-Jeans-Distressed-Jeans-Dolce-Vita-Platform-Sandals-Platforms-Blonde-Red-Lipstick-Summer-Style-Shop-With-Me-01 Styelled-Blog-Elle-Elisabeth-Bella-Dahl-Summer-Tank-Tank-Top-Ray-Ban-Aviators-Light-Wash-Jeans-Distressed-Jeans-Dolce-Vita-Platform-Sandals-Platforms-Blonde-Red-Lipstick-Summer-Style-Shop-With-Me-02Styelled-Blog-Elle-Elisabeth-Bella-Dahl-Summer-Tank-Tank-Top-Ray-Ban-Aviators-Light-Wash-Jeans-Distressed-Jeans-Dolce-Vita-Platform-Sandals-Platforms-Blonde-Red-Lipstick-Summer-Style-Shop-With-Me-03 Styelled-Blog-Elle-Elisabeth-Bella-Dahl-Summer-Tank-Tank-Top-Ray-Ban-Aviators-Light-Wash-Jeans-Distressed-Jeans-Dolce-Vita-Platform-Sandals-Platforms-Blonde-Red-Lipstick-Summer-Style-Shop-With-Me-06 Styelled-Blog-Elle-Elisabeth-Bella-Dahl-Summer-Tank-Tank-Top-Ray-Ban-Aviators-Light-Wash-Jeans-Distressed-Jeans-Dolce-Vita-Platform-Sandals-Platforms-Blonde-Red-Lipstick-Summer-Style-Shop-With-Me-07 Styelled-Blog-Elle-Elisabeth-Bella-Dahl-Summer-Tank-Tank-Top-Ray-Ban-Aviators-Light-Wash-Jeans-Distressed-Jeans-Dolce-Vita-Platform-Sandals-Platforms-Blonde-Red-Lipstick-Summer-Style-Shop-With-Me-09Top // Denim // Sandals // Lip // Sunnies
I don’t know about you guys, but for me—this summer has been pretty crazy. I’m taking six courses online over the summer semester, so it has been stop-and-go every single day. You know that feeling you get when you complete all of your schoolwork? You let out that breath of relief, knowing that you can finally sit down and relax. Well—I can honestly say, I haven’t been able to do that at all. There’s always something I could be or should be doing.

My form of relief is when I actually get to sit down and write a blog post. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wish I was blogging. It’s just something I love to do. It’s a combination of everything that I love—photography, graphic design and writing. (Not that anyone cares what I have to say, LOL)

Anyway, this Bella Dahl top is sure to spice up your closet this summer. It’s very comfortable, has great length, rich color and it’s very fitting! I love when I can put something on and feel great in it. BTW, you can get this top from Her Kloset at Greiner’s if you’re local! This top matched perfectly with my lipstick and I loved the look of it with those jeans and sandals! Let me just say, I bought these sandals from Nordstrom a little while back when they went on sale. I had been eyeing them for a while and when they finally came in the mail, I was so excited! I had to break them in, but now they are my favorite sandals! They are so comfortable and the arch is low enough that my feet don’t hurt at the end of the day. They are fantastic.

Both my finger and toe colors are Essie. My toes are painted with their new color, Coconut Cove. My nails are an Essie Gel Polish color. My lip color is MAC Lady Danger and it’s definitely my go-to lip color if it will match my outfit. I love the way it looks during the summer. It brightens up my face with it’s rich color.

Anyway, I have to get back to my schoolwork—unfortunately. I will try to post more often. It’s hard right now. I will have a lot more time in the fall. I am so looking forward to it.