Nordstrom Sale + Instagram Round-up

Nordstrom Sale + Instagram Round-up

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

You guys…it’s been a MINUTE! I haven’t posted on the blog in a loooong time. I can’t believe I went on such a long hiatus—I’m so sorry! One day soon, I’ll write a long post to get you all caught up on what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been. Until that day comes…I’ll give you a short synopsis.

Where Have I Been?

Long story short, I quit my job at Ocala Magazine to pursue new opportunities. I was having somewhat of a quarter-life crisis. Have you ever laid awake at night, every night, for several nights in a row? I have. Whenever my life is feeling a little off, I have these restless nights that will go on and on until I figure out what’s bothering me. Those restless nights started happening shortly after the new year. They would happen in spurts. I would go two nights without sleeping and then I’d be fine for a few weeks, but then it would start again. This continued to happen in a loop for what felt like months. View Post