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Wavy, Natural Curls with Kenra Grip Trio Collection

styelled-blog-fashion-lifestyle-beauty-style-blogger-elle-elisabeth-kenra-hair-products-hairspray-blonde-haircare-curl-01Top: OLD NAVY | Skirt: TOPSHOP, old (similar) | Hairspray: KENRA | Mousse: KENRA | Texture Spray: KENRA

Okay, So Life has Been CRAZY Lately

First of all, I got a new job. I am now the Creative Director of Ocala Magazine, the most award-winning magazine in Florida! It’s so cool and so fulfilling to have a job that I absolutely love! It’s not always easy because I’m juggling a full-time job, college, taking care of Winston, keeping up with cleaning and all of my other daily responsibilities. I never thought adulting would come easy, but I also didn’t expect to be thrown into the fire with the wolves! Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about my job, but the first month was ROUGH, which is why I’m just getting back into my groove of blogging. Thanks to the new Kenra Grip Trio Collection, my hair is still looking healthy without spending hours styling it! Read More

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Skincare and Haircare Staples

styelled-blog-amika-redken-bliss-elemis-beauty-skincare-haircare-beauty-products-blogger-fashion-blogger-style-blogger-beauty-blogger-01 styelled-blog-amika-redken-bliss-elemis-beauty-skincare-haircare-beauty-products-blogger-fashion-blogger-style-blogger-beauty-blogger-02 styelled-blog-amika-redken-bliss-elemis-beauty-skincare-haircare-beauty-products-blogger-fashion-blogger-style-blogger-beauty-blogger-03 styelled-blog-amika-redken-bliss-elemis-beauty-skincare-haircare-beauty-products-blogger-fashion-blogger-style-blogger-beauty-blogger-04Heat Protectant // Blowout Spray // Pillow Proof Primer // Dry Shampoo // Energizing Mask // Face Wash // Pro-Collagen Night Cream // Pro-Collagen Marine Cream // Bliss Lotion
I don’t know about y’all, but I like to try to keep up with a daily skincare and haircare routine. I’m not going to lie to you though, I often sometimes forget. Regardless, these products have worked for me so I want to share them with you!

  1. Amika: The Shield Style Extending Spray– I’ve had this spray for about a week now and I’m loving it! The whole reason I fell in love with Amika was because I got a small, travel-sized bottle of their dry shampoo in a Birchbox one time. After that, I knew nothing would ever surpass it. I can’t even explain to you how good their hair products smell. It all smells very clean and fresh. It also leaves your hair looking like you just walked out of the salon. It may be pricy, but it’s so worth it. My hair used to never grow and my ends looked like they were chewed off, but now my natural hair looks and feels healthy. Not to mention, the packaging Amika uses is so cute!
  2. Redken Pillow Proof Extender– This is my second choice for go-to dry shampoo. Amika being my first choice. This dry shampoo smells great and it doesn’t leave a weird gritty film on your hair like others do. I always look for ones that feel and look clean. I hate the volumizing ones because, even though they make my hair look clean, it feels dirty. That’s what draws me to products like this. Plus, you can never go wrong with Redken.
  3. Redken Pillow Proof Primer– This is another heat protectant that I use. I like to switch it up everyday when it comes to haircare. That way, I know my hair is getting all of the benefits. This heat protectant primer is the closest one I could find to my one true love, the Chi Iron Guard. It’s also been recommended to me by several hairstylists. I like it and it works. That’s all that matters to me! Just don’t forget to shake it up before applying it!
  4. Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray– This is technically a heat protectant, although it does several other things. The ingredients moisturize, strengthen, enhance shine, repair split ends and restore your hair’s natural balance. It soothes and protects your hair before blowdrying or before styling. You can use it whenever! I love it, I keep a travel bottle and take it with me when I’m on the go.
  5. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash– Bliss is amazing, and I think we can all agree on that. My sister works at Ideal Image, so she’s always bringing me amazing products to try out. This one is definitely on my skincare top ten. I use it at night and in the morning. It’s the perfect everyday face wash. It leaves your face feeling clear, clean and refreshed. Also, I’ve noticed that my face has been clear, which usually doesn’t happen during the summer!
  6. Bliss Triple Oxygen Energizing Mask– This stuff is AWESOME and it smells so good, like mangos or grapefruits. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it smells like Heaven. I use it at night in the shower 2-3 times a week. It’s not something you want to use every single night, but a few times a week is perfect. Whenever I use it in the shower, I do like 2 pumps on my hand and lather it on my face. Then, I let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. Ryan says it makes me look like Santa Claus. It does start to produce a pretty serious foam once you reach minute four, lol. Sometimes, I slide open the shower door to call his name and he comes in with wide eyes, and just busts out laughing. See, sometimes skincare can be fun—or hilarious!
  7. Bliss Body Lotion– This is, by far, my favorite lotion! It smells amazing, as do all Bliss products. I have the pink grapefruit and lemon + sage scents. Both smell great! I like to use lotion after I shave and this lotion is perfect for that. I noticed that other ones I’ve tried would make my legs sting, and this is the only scented lotion that doesn’t! I like to keep one in my purse (I love to use it on my hands throughout the day) and a few in my bathroom. I don’t like to run out!
  8. Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream– This stuff spreads like buttah. No, seriously. When I apply it at night—I take my first two fingers, dab them in the pot and that’s enough to cover my entire face! It’s great! It really goes a long way, which is why I like to have the smaller pot of this cream. I usually apply it right before I go to bed, after I’ve washed my face. I sleep with it on all night and I wake up feeling refreshed! It definitely makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated.
  9. Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream– I don’t use this cream as often as I should. When I do use it, I apply a small amount after washing my face in the morning with the bliss face wash. This cream also goes a long way—like buttah. By the way, I’m not a dummy, I know how to spell butter. It’s just a joke, my family calls it buttah. I am going to make it a goal to use this cream more this summer. I want my skincare routine to be, as my sister would say, “on point.”

I am so happy I was able to share this post with you all! I have been wanting to do it for a long time and I finally decided that today was the day. I plan on doing a wavy curl hair tutorial once I figure out how to work the video on my DSLR. It’s new territory for me. I tried today, but had many five failed attempts. I finally gave up and decided I needed to do some more research. If any of you have knowledge on how to record videos, definitely comment below or email me. I would love some help. Actually, I probably need some help lol.

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Print Dresses are Back In

styelled-blog-glam-glam-clothing-summer-style-summer-wear-sundress-sun-dress-white-dress-summer-print-rebecca-minkoff-dolce-vita-bell-sleeve-fashion-blogger-fblogger-style-blogger-01 styelled blog, glam, glam clothing, summer style, summer wear, sundress, sun dress, white dress, summer print, rebecca minkoff, dolce vita, bell sleeve, fashion blogger, fblogger, style blogger, 02styelled-blog-glam-glam-clothing-summer-style-summer-wear-sundress-sun-dress-white-dress-summer-print-rebecca-minkoff-dolce-vita-bell-sleeve-fashion-blogger-fblogger-style-blogger-03  styelled-blog-glam-glam-clothing-summer-style-summer-wear-sundress-sun-dress-white-dress-summer-print-rebecca-minkoff-dolce-vita-bell-sleeve-fashion-blogger-fblogger-style-blogger-04 styelled-blog-glam-glam-clothing-summer-style-summer-wear-sundress-sun-dress-white-dress-summer-print-rebecca-minkoff-dolce-vita-bell-sleeve-fashion-blogger-fblogger-style-blogger-05Dress isn’t available yet (similar) // Bag // Sunnies // Sandals
Ah!! I am so sad I couldn’t find this dress online for y’all. The good thing is, if you really love it, you can call the store that I work at and have it shipped directly to you!!! Yay!

I must say, I have been loving prints lately. When I first saw this dress in the store, I just about died. It has all things I love—bell sleeves (that are short), a cute print that’s not overbearing and it’s lined underneath! How convenient is that!? I still wore a slip for extra coverage, but this dress is so comfortable. It’s the perfect everyday dress.

I got my shoes from Nordstrom when they were having a sale and, I must say, I love them. The strap was kind of rubbing the back of my ankle on the first day, but once I broke them in I loved them. They are super easy to walk in and they make my legs look long without having to wear 5″ platform heels! Lol!

I’ve had my bag for about three years now. It never gets old. I love it and it’s such a versatile color. There are always shoes that match it and it’s so easy to just grab it and go. It’s also a perfect day-to-night bag.

I won’t lie to you, taking these photos was miserable. It was 93 degrees with NO breeze what-so-ever. Basically, I was baking in the heat. Anyway, since I couldn’t find this exact dress online, I linked some similar print dresses that I like! P.S. I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a while. It gets a little crazy during the summer, especially since I had to finish my Summer A classes last week. Things are settling down now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into a good routine!