Gifts For Father’s Day


Father’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time to start shopping! I don’t know about y’all, but I have the hardest time shopping for my dad. What do you buy someone that already has everything they could possibly need? Well, here’s a fun gift guide I put together with all products available on Amazon Prime. If you don’t find something you like, then you can always make a little photo album for your dad. Sometimes, the smaller things mean the most!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
    This might seem like an odd gift, but if you have a dad that’s handy, then I promise you he will get good use out of this!
  2. YETI Rambler 20oz
    Truly, you can’t go wrong with a YETI. It keeps your drinks cold (or warm) all day long and they are great for everyday use, no matter what kind of job you have!
  3. Premium Car Wax Spray Kit
    When I was a kid, all I remember is how my dad made the biggest deal of taking care of his car. He had a whole basket dedicated to his wipes, waxes, towels — you name it, he probably had it! I know he would love this kit, especially since he got a new truck!
  4. Chippo — Golf Meets Cornhole
    This is one of those gifts that’s fun for family occasions or parties. I think it would be a fun game for everyone, especially the men in your family!
  5. Ironclad Work Gloves
    Like I said above, if your dad is a handy kind of guy, he would love a new pair of all-purpose gloves!
  6. Panasonic Radio
    When I was younger, my dad always had a radio in his mancave. He would listen to the police scanner. He loves a good, old-fashioned radio.
  7. Bewell Men’s Wooden Watch
    I’m sure my dad and your dad both have way nicer watches than this one, but it’s so cool! I know my dad would love to have a fun, casual wear watch!
  8. Canvas Overnight Duffel Bag
    My dad travels often for his job, which is why I think he would love one of these canvas duffels. They are big enough to fit whatever he needs, but simple enough to get packed and get out the door!
  9. Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag
    This goes along with the canvas duffel. It’s just something small to put all of his self-care items in, plus, it’s stylish!
  10. Portable, Waterproof, Bluetooth Speaker
    I think ALL dad’s need one of these. They can take it outdoors, by the water — anywhere really!
  11. Sheffield 12 in 1 Multitool
    All men need a multitool — all of them.
  12. Universal Magnetic Phone Mount
    I think my dad would use this in his car. It’s an easy place to put his phone when he’s driving and he sure does do a lot of driving. He and my step-mom go out of town a lot on the weekends, so I think he would like this phone mount!
  13. Weber Barbecue Apron
    I highly doubt my dad would actually wear this, but it’s worth a try, right?
  14. Personalized Men’s Wallet
    I think this is one of those gifts that all dad’s appreciate, something personalized!
  15. Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag
    I didn’t realize I picked two of these until just now, but hey — you’ve got some options now!
  16. YETI Rambler
    Like I said before, you can never go wrong with a YETI gift. My boyfriend Ryan has this rambler and he loves it. He uses it for cokes, sprites and other drinks like that!

Hopefully That’s Enough of A Father’s Day Gift Guide

If you’re ever in a bind, remember what I said before. It’s not always about how much money you spend on the gift, it’s about how much thought you put into it. Sometimes you dad just wants a framed photo of the two of you to put in his office. Get him whatever your heart tells you!