Blue Summer Stripes for Memorial Day Weekend

Blue Summer Stripes for Memorial Day Weekend

styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-01DRESS: Jane Hudson (use code STYELLED at checkout for 10% off your order!) | PURSE: Rebecca Minkoff (similar, similar) | SUNNIES: DIFF Eyewear | WEDGES: Old (similar) | LIP: M.A.C. – Lady Danger

Memorial Day is Almost Here

What is everyone doing this weekend? I’ll be spending my weekend dog sitting! That’s okay though, I love dogs! If you didn’t see on my Instagram, it was Winston’s first birthday on Sunday. He is officially a year old, but he still seems like a baby! He definitely acts like one, lol. I don’t know about y’all, but it’s that time of year where I’ve been getting extremely stressed out. Summer semester has started, Ryan and I have to move and I’ve been working, working, working my butt off! Also, the Bachelorette has started, so that’s one good thing I have to look forward to every Monday! I have my own Bachelorette fantasy league. You can join my league by clicking here and searching for the group named, A Styelled Rachelorette. Join in on the fun!styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-02styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-03styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-04styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-05styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-06styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-07styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-08styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-09styelled-blog-fashion-style-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-florida-like-to-know-it-jane-hudson-stripes-striped-stripe-dress-sundress-memorial-day-diff-eyewear-sunglasses-rebecca-minkoff-10

Stripes Are the New Black this Summer

Anyone agree? Stripes are all over the place! I’ve even seen mismatched striped outfits. I love it, honestly. This dress that I have on is the perfect everyday dress. It’s so comfortable and very versatile. I could dress this down with sandals or dress it up with heels! That’s the good thing about stripes—versatility. I can also push the sleeves up to a 3/4 sleeve. It’s so soft and stretchy, so it’s basically my go-to dress for every occasion this summer. This dress made by Jane Hudson was intended to provide simplification and style. I think it does just that. I highly recommend checking out Jane Hudson because I am SO happy with the dresses I have from them. They are extremely good quality at a decent price.

I’m Not Perfect and I’m Not Afraid to Say So

I’ve been pretty down in the dumps this week. Sometimes I wake up and feel like the world is against me. Do you ever feel like that? Being that I’m a senior and only have four classes left until I can graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree, it’s extremely frustrating that it’s taking me so long. I can’t control the school schedule, but it’s just hard to accept that sometimes. Other than school conflicts, it’s been tough to find a new place to live. I’ve constantly been at a crossroads between my hometown and Jacksonville. Part of me wants to just get a job in Jacksonville, move back and be able to graduate really quickly. The other part of me is too scared for change. I also have to think about Ryan’s wants and needs, and I know it would be really hard for him to uproot his life and get a completely new job in a new town. Also, his brother and his adorable nephew live here. I have so many things to take into consideration, but how nice would it be to start somewhere fresh? Girls, I need your help. What should I do?

P.S. Social Media Update

I have a new Pinterest account! Let’s connect!