Thistle and Finn: Off the Shoulder Chambray


Dress (also love this and this!) // Shoes // Crossbody // Necklace // Watch // Bracelet // Lipstick

First of all, I just want to say congratulations to my boyfriend for taking fabulous photos!!! It was his birthday yesterday, so I didn’t make him take any pictures—but I wanted to! Instead, I spoiled him all day with gifts and then I cooked a homemade dinner for him and I invited his brother’s family. He was so surprised and so happy.

Now, Let Me Tell you About Thistle and Finn

This adorable chambray dress is from a super cool online store called Thistle and Finn—think Anthropologie, but Francescas great prices. This is the place if you are a college student or just a girl that loves clothes on a budget. They have cute, trendy accessories and the cutest selection of clothing. I’m not even saying this because I have to, I’m saying this because I believe it. I was pleasantly surprised when I found their store—not only because they’re in Florida, but because they have amazing customer service and great prices. Not only can you get the look you wanted, but it’s affordable.

Chambray in the Summertime

Since my dress is sold out, I linked two others from the same shop above and I also added clickable links to similar dresses if you are super set on having one just like mine. I love wearing neutrals in the summer—all white, nude, chambray and leopard. You know, those are all neutrals, right? Anyway, anytime you wear chambray, it’s so easy to pair with any color. You can wear it with white, tan, black—whatever you want. That’s my favorite part about it.


Sooooooo, I officially found out that all of my fall semester classes will be online. YAY! This means I will have plenty of time to blog and get other things done. Do you ever sit down and make to-do lists that you know you’ll never actually get to do? Me too. Hopefully with more time this semester, I’ll be able to knock it all out, plus more. I want to really focus on my blog and in order to do that, I need to have the time and energy. Here’s to new beginnings!!!!

This post was generously sponsored by Thistle and Finn